Knowledgeable. Caring. Gentle​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​.

Dr. Diandra Wood has been my chiropractor of choice for over a decade. She is knowledgeable, caring and gentle. She listens to my body, addresses my concerns, and has helped me with everything from headaches to parts that were “frozen”. Dr. Wood is continually learning new ways of helping her patients heal. I won’t go to anyone else. She knows what works for me!

– Sara H
  Mountain View
  Legal Secretary

“Diandra’s work has facilitated my healing to levels I couldn’t have imagined”

“Having sustained a traumatic spinal injury 25  years ago, I have tried almost everything in both traditional medicine and alternative holistic health care.  Diandra’s work has facilitated my healing to levels I couldn’t have imagined.  Her knowledge, touch, sensitivity and intention are exceptional.”

– Mark G
  Menlo Park

“Dr Diandra Wood is able to draw from a wide knowledge base and years of experience”

“Dr Diandra Wood is able to draw from a wide knowledge base and years of experience to provide the best possible care for each patient. She is a sensitive and intuitive practitioner who combines strong technical skills with a real empathy for and understanding of each patient’s specific needs.”

– Susan L
  Palo Alto

“She’s my Miracle Worker!”

Until I met Diandra, I was terrified of chiropractors. My friend had been trying to get me to see her for some time, but I always found a reason not to. Then I had a car accident. Best thing that ever happened to me! From Diandra, I learned about cranial-sacral work, which is much more gentle, and for me, doable. Within a matter of a few weeks, Diandra had me all straightened out and better than before the accident. She’s truly a miracle worker and a definite go-to after all my silly little mishaps

– Rekha C
  Palo Alto
  Legal secretary

“Diandra is a healer”, “I rely on Diandra to look after my children’s health.”

I started working with Dr. Diandra 4 years ago at age 36, with two kids. Diandra is the first and only chiropractor I have ever seen.  As such, it was tough to get me back into normal alignment but Diandra did it!  Since I started getting treatments from Diandra, I sleep better, have gained a much better understanding of my aches and pains and living a pain free life.  The biggest part is no longer feeling fearful of any aches and pains, knowing with certainty that Diandra has a logical explanation for every ache and pain and a solution to resolve each issue.

I rely on Diandra to look after my children’s health.  My 9 year old son fell on his forehead while running in school and developed dizziness and headache.  Diandra resolved all the issues after one treatment.  Diandra is a magical and powerful healer.  My children and I are fortunate to have the opportunity to witness the miraculous process of healing powers through Diandra’s hands.

My 4 year old daughter races and jumps on the therapy table every time I take my kids to see Diandra.  She wants to be the first one to get the treatment!  I don’t see this kind of excitement when I take her to other doctors.  I asked her why she gets so excited, she said, “I like the massage, it makes me feel good!”

– Alexandria L
  Health and Lifestyle Coach

“Dr. Wood listens to her patients!”

“Dr. Wood listens to her patients and tailors the treatments to address the underlying cause — be that the result of an injury or poor posture or overuse of certain joints. She is remarkably in tune with my body and has a distinct ability to quickly find and address my specific needs. I credit my ability to be generally pain-free to the wonderful care of Dr. Wood. I recommend her to anyone who cares about their spinal and overall health!”

– Silvana V
  Palo Alto

“Diandra is extremely skilled!”

“The deep release of pain and tension in my body through the extraordinarily simple and gentle procedures continues to surprise and delight me.  Diandra is extremely skilled and I have been able to recommend her work to many friends and clients.”

– Judith A
  Palo Alto

Amazingly intuitive.

“I’m very sensitive, and  was very reluctant to have a chiropractor “crunch” me. Diandra did nothing of the sort. Quite the opposite. I went to Diandra when I was experiencing very bad vertigo. I felt as though she  was “reading” my body with her very gentle and intuitive touch. I felt calmer and more relaxed the minute she started working on me, and I couldn’t believe it, but I was completely free from dizziness after our appointment. Since that first time, I have gone to Diandra many times for different issues and have been completely satisfied every time.”

– Susan S
  San Mateo
  Branding Expert