About Dr. Diandra Wood

Your Chiropractic Detective in Palo Alto, CA

Dr. Diandra Wood, DC, BA, MMQ your chiropractic detective in Palo Alto has been fascinated with alternative methods of healing, especially spinal adjusting, since she was a teenager when an acute low back condition kept her in bed for a month unable to walk. Since then, she has found that chiropractic adjusting is the only thing that keeps her spine healthy.

Diandra has been a chiropractor since graduating from Palmer University in 1986. Over the years she has studied a number of healing techniques and systems to enhance her knowledge of the human body and its capacity to heal. Her training includes: Applied Kinesiology (muscle testing) 100 hour certification, Cranio-Sacral Therapy, Visceral Manipulation, Activator Method, Network Spinal Analysis, Neurolink, sound healing with tuning forks, Reiki Master and various Shamanic trainings to name a few. She specializes in gentle low and non-force techniques for patients who are either afraid of or not a candidate for higher force techniques. Diandra has a Masters in Medical Qi Gong, certification in Foundational Nutrition and is currently working on certification for Clinical Nutrition. Additionally, she is trained in Body Talk, an internationally recognized healing paradigm for body, mind and spirit that’s gentle, holistic and gets to the cause of problems. It’s based on an integration of western biomedical viewpoints, Chinese acupuncture, and Ayurvedic medicine all wrapped up in a quantum physics model.

Diandra is a past member of the American Spinal Analysis Association, Los Medicos Voladores (flying doctors doing volunteer work in Mexico), and a current member of ICAK (International College of Applied Kinesiology), Creative Health Network, FMBR (Foundation for Mind Being Research), and on the leadership team of BNI (Business Network International). Diandra has also taught about the holistic care of PMS and Menopause at local community colleges with Dr Susan Lark and the PMS & Menopause Self Help enter. She continues to take classes to expand her knowledge of the body, mind, spirit connection. In her personal time, she enjoys reading, gardening, world travel, and spending time with her cats and friends.