Dr. Diandra Wood the Chiropractic Detective

After 32 years I have decided to retire from chiropractic. I feel truly blessed for the opportunity to do work that I love for all these years, and to have met all of you. I will be moving out of state to be near family. If you need copies of bills for insurance please email me at diandra@drwoodchiro.com and I will email you the documents. If you go to a new chiropractor I can send the records but usually they will prefer doing their own evaluation and treatment protocols. I will be happy to speak with them by phone. Simply have them email me with a copy of a signed HIPAA privacy release and a time range that they would be able to speak with me directly and I'll be happy to comply.

Best wishes going forward.
Dr. Wood

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The Chiropractic Detective


Dr. Diandra Wood, DC, BA, MMQ

Dr. Diandra Wood is a compassionate and committed chiropractor who uses a broad variety of gentle, yet effective approaches. She brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to her practice. Dr. Diandra Wood will find the way to help you regain and retain your health, strength, mobility and vitality.

Dr. Diandra Wood delights in approaching the body and the process of healing with a spirit of discovery. Never content to rest or rely on a single set of standard approaches, Dr. Wood has studied at least 100 different healing modalities over the course of her 25-year chiropractic career.

Her ambition to understand both the physical, emotional and esoteric aspects of healing have led her to study with teachers all over the world -- from Nepal to Bali, Peru, Egypt and even the Amazonian Jungle.

Dr. Wood is able to offer her patients both an encyclopedia of wisdom, and the experience to know what approach will help her understand a resolve their issues.

At a time when most doctors hardly offer their clients time enough to say what's bothering them, Dr. Wood has the patience, interest and skill to delve into the problem and resolve it. "Health is the result of balance in mind, body and spirit," says Dr. Wood and "I do my best to do it all."